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Founders of Vertikal Digital are Ott Vatter and Silver Siniavski who pioneered the Estonian e-Residency programme, where Ott served as the Managing Director and Silver, Head of Product.

Together we reimagined complex government services in different geographies to businesses, entertainment industries, e-commerce, e-health, cloud productivity services across multiple platforms that impact the daily habits of millions.


We analyse business needs, create strategy with realistic milestones and ultimately are ready to be responsible for delivery through providing full time deployment teams.

Our role is to answer the questions What? Why? To Whom? How? we need to develop e-Governance or any other digital service by constantly challenging technology and validating market needs.

We define project vision, strategy and high level roadmap. Devising product concept and business plan by collecting input from all stakeholders.


We bring all this new know-how and our previous experience together into use cases for developers.

Our team is made up of the professionals who bring projects to life. We have experienced team members who have worked on Estonian e-Governance solutions or similar complex and large scale projects.

Vertikal Digital work method is designed to help project teams effectively address the uncertainties that are common with the creation of new e-Governance platforms.


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